JL dates: 6th to 14th August 2018

Helpers play a crucial role in the life of Quantock3, and coming as a helper is a great opportunity to learn about service, as well as learning more about God in your own tailored programme. It means doing practical things like helping the cooks to prepare food, washing up, cleaning the site and generally making sure that things run smoothly for other people. It is hard work, but lots of fun being part of a great team.

Come and give your time and service, working as part of a team, enjoying the events and outings, benefiting from bible teaching and training, and serving the teenagers as they come to know God better.


How much will it cost me?

We say to leaders and helpers ‘we would much rather have you than your money!’ This is true, and yet the venture is only possible because of member’s payments and team members’ voluntary contributions. As far as possible we encourage every wage-earner to cover the full members cost as part of their Christian giving. For those who cannot, we ask them give as they can afford towards meals and costs. One minimum benchmark is how much would it have cost you to have lived at home this week? And yet we reiterate, ‘we would much rather have you than your money!’


How to volunteer?

To volunteer as a helper please drop us a line here and say you're interested in being ahelper. We'll be delighted to hear from you. Please note that being a helper, just as with leaders means coming a day early to camp for vital training and setting up.

made by one of our wonderful junior leaders Sarah Nicholson, here is a bit of a taster of what it is like to help out at Quantock camp as a JL. Lots of fun, cleaning and silliness!